Health and Safety

Consumers are more proactive than ever before — and even progressive — in their approach to health and safety. Being aware of the dangers that we face in everyday life, as well as being prepared and having the ability to react consciously, is considered a must-have capability.

qLearn brings you a comprehensive health and safety course, ranging topics from leading a healthy lifestyle, over introduction to First Aid, to mental health awareness, this course will provide you with professional and extensive knowledge about the benefits of physical activity and a balanced diet, recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption all the way through key areas of common workplace risks, personal safety strategies based on best practice examples, to being able to identify common types of illness, and the symptoms of psychosis.

Learning and building self-awareness about your personal health and safety has never been easier.

Course Outline:

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Health Lifestyle
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Personal Safety
  • Smoking Awareness
  • Stress Awareness

Who says you need to go to a classroom to learn? Learning in the digital age should be fun, interactive, and easy to access from anywhere you want. With qLearn, our brand new category of e-learning courses, education is no longer a boring word. Designed and curated with the aspiring entrepreneur in mind, the programmes under qLearn will equip you with all the skills you need to build a business and prepare you to become a leader in a fast-paced business environment.

Our platform offers five languages —English, Arabic, Russian, French, and Bahasa Indonesia (and more to come), and learning is not limited to text-based lessons. Animated videos, drag and drop reinforcement exercises, and different types of multimedia make your learning process interactive and fun. Plus, you are not limited to accessing your programs on a desktop or laptop. You can access qLearn programmes on your mobile (for Android and iOS) so that you can even learn on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

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Terms & Conditions 

  1. Your Enrolment Date is the date you purchased your qLearn course from your eStore.
  2. You must activate your course within twelve (12) months of your Enrolment Date.
  3. After you have activated your course, you must complete it within a 12-month term. 
  4. Please change the automated password provided to you after you have used it. In case of forgotten password, you will need to reset it on 
  5. Course extension is available upon request. Please contact [email protected] for more information.