Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch (6 set or 12 patches / box)

Physio Radiance
Activate Your Skin Cells

Physio Radiance is designed for all – male or female, young or mature, whether Asian, Caucasian, or African and possessing normal, oily or dry skin. Despite physical differences, we all share the same physiological functions. Our cells are identical and need the same care. 

Through extensive research, Physio Radiance is distinguished by its unique formulation -- an exclusive combination of ingredients to activate your skin cells to work naturally at their best, assisting in restoring your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. 


Age Defying Patch
Wake Up To Flawless Skin
Start your day with the youth and luminescence that you have always wanted. The Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch brings you to a whole new level of anti-ageing skincare. 
Smooth and reduce your fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead and lips without taking the risks of invasive treatments such as cosmetic surgery or chemical skin peel; the Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch helps bring back your younger looking skin, with visible results after your first time use!

Anti-Wrinkle Active Ingredients

Negative Hydrogen (H-), Evening Primrose, Vitamin A, C and E

Containing negative hydrogen (H-), the world’s smallest antioxidant that acts as an energy booster for your skin, the Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch utilises the benefits of the evening primrose’s gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and other vital active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The patches’ fine hypoallergenic polymer material laid on a non-woven matrix encloses and protects all these active ingredients increasing their effectiveness, giving you an all-in-one solution to your maturing skin.

Once you have applied an Age Defying Patch onto the wrinkled area of your face or neck, its powerful active ingredients will gradually penetrate deep into your skin. As the only patch in the market that is dry and adhesive, you can enjoy the luxury of this non-wet patch that stays on your face overnight. Love your skin with a younger-looking you every day!



ReplenisH-: 3-Scale Skin Regeneration Complex

Physio Radiance ReplenisH
- is a unique multifunctional active ingredients complex that work effectively on all three levels of skin physiology: the cellular, intercellular and organ levels.

Years of laboratory research have resulted in a select group of active ingredients that are contained in ReplenisH

Ultimate Skin Antioxidant: Negative Hydrogen (H-)

Due to its size, negative hydrogen is the perfect antioxidant and plays a critical role in our body, as it acts as both an energy carrier and as an antioxidant in numerous biological systems.

The H- predominantly acts in two roles:
Cell Energy Booster
Our body’s cells need energy to perform their chores. Cellular energy production requires a lot of spare electrons. Negative hydrogen, as an energy booster, comes in aid by providing the spare electrons needed to smoothen, stabilise and enhance that reaction.

Free Radical Scavenger
Free radicals oxidise the molecules and DNA of our body by stealing electrons to become stable. Our molecules age through that process and may also become free radicals themselves since they lack an electron. The H- steps in as an electron donor, providing a spare electron to neutralise these radicals easily without turning itself into a free radical.

5 Key Benefits to Using the Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch

1. Intensive care for the desired wrinkled skin area

2. Safe and chemical-free

3. Effective results after first time use

4 .High penetration rate of active ingredients

5. Convenient and easy-to-use      

3 Steps to Enjoy the Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch

1. Clean and dry your skin.

2. Apply a patch onto the desired area and continue with you usual daily skincare routine around the patch   area. Leave the patch on for 6 to 8 hours (overnight is recommended).

3. Gently remove the patch in the morning after waking up.

For best results, apply the Age Defying Patch two nights a week during the first week as an initial treatment, and then one night a week thereafter. Start noticing results immediately and enjoy younger looking, flawless skin.