HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set

Has your hair ever felt slimy and brittle right after a shower? Or drank water that tastes like dirt?

Then it most likely means that your water supply is overflowing with dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This type of water is known as hard water, a normal occurrence in certain regions.

While these minerals are good for you, an excess of them may have adverse effects in your life. Hard water not only clogs your pores, it tends to cause build up in your water appliances and systems as well.

After over 10 years of research on water quality in different parts of the world, we developed the ideal water softener – the HomePure NovaSoft. Best paired with the HomePure Nova, the NovaSoft will help provide your family with soft , safe, and nourishing Pi-Water in the comfort of your own home.

Trust your water. Trust HomePure.

How to identify hard water?

  • Bad taste

A disproportionate amount of minerals in your water adds an unpleasant taste to it.

  • Damaged skin and hair

An excess of minerals in hard water can change the pH balance of your skin, weakening its protective barrier and making it feel as dry as a dessert while causing your hair to feel slimy and brittle right after washing it.

  • Stains on glassware

The white stains on your dishes and glasses are caused by the minerals in the hard water, often making you feel like you need to rewash your dishes.

  • Scale buildup in water fixtures

Hard water can interfere with the action of soaps and detergents, resulting in deposits inside not only your plumbing but also your appliances like your coffeemaker.

Reduces the level of minerals
Decreases the water hardness in your tap water to reach an optimal consumption level while diminishing the chlorine, bad taste, and odour. 

Protects Your Water Filter System
Prevents scale buildup in your 9-Stage Filter Cartridge, giving you maximum usage of up to 5,000 litres of clean and safe drinking water.

User Friendly
It comes ready-to-install and the filter is easily replaceable.

Our water filter line does not require electricity or a brine tank.

Encapsulated Filter
Our water softeners are encased for a clean and safe filtration process, eliminating external contamination.

While most water softeners are salt-based, HomePure’s water softener is resin-based. And no, that does not mean that it is toxic.

World-class Quality
Developed in Europe and manufactured in South Korea.

Suggested Applications:

        HomePure water filtration system

        Drinking water vending machine


        Coffee machines


Usage Guide:

        Use with HomePure water filtration systems.

        Connect to municipal tap water only.

        Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe.

        HomePure NovaSoft is not a heavy-duty sediment prefilter and does not remove salt from groundwater.

        HomePure NovaSoft does not help to support HomePure Nova for use with river, ground, bore, well, and sea water.

        HomePure NovaSoft is a pre-filter. Water after passing through this pre-filter is not potable water. It needs to undergo a final treatment according to international potable water standards.

        Check the connections between all parts before use.

        Flush the filter cartridge upon installation and before use after a prolonged period of disuse.

        Turn off the valve if the HomePure NovaSoft is going to be in disuse for a period of time (to protect your water filtration system from water leakage due to high water pressure).

        Turn off the valve if you experience a water leak.

        Change your HomePure NovaSoft regularly to prevent the deterioration of your water quality.

        The lifespan of the HomePure NovaSoft is approximately 3,000 – 6,000 litres depending on water hardness levels and the quality of water supply.

        Use with optimal water pressure (1 ‒ 4 bar) and temperature (4°C ‒ 35°C).


        Filter Housing Size: ᴓ11.86*40.85 cm.

        Operating Pressure: 1 -4 bar

        Operating Temperature: 4°C – 35°C

        Inlet water condition: Cold or room temperature water only

        Inlet / Outlet size: 3/8 inch

        Estimated capacity*:

        6,000 litres at 100ppm (+/-10) ppm or 7°DH

        4,500 litres at 140ppm (+/-10) ppm or 9.8°DH

        3,000 litres at 180ppm (+/-10) ppm or 10°DH

*depending on the inlet water quality test at 1LPM.

HomePure Complete Water Filtration System

We’re already bogged down with multiple things to think of and worry about throughout our day. Why should our water supply be one of them?

HomePure’s Complete Water Filtration System is the most innovative water filtration system you will find. You can quote us on that! We’ve made sure that you have everything that you need for a stream of clean and safe nourishing Pi-Water in your home all day, every day. 

This water filtration system set optimises the performance of HomePure’s 9-stage water filter cartridge for up to 5,000 litres or 12 months, whichever comes first. It removes fine sediments from your tap water and decreases its hardness level, turning your supply’s hard water into clean and nourishing soft water.

  • HomePure Complete Water Filtration System: HomePure Nova Water Filtration System + HomePure Prefilter 1-mc + HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set
  • Recommended countries: India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Kazakhstan, and some countries in the MENA region

HomePure Power Duo Set-1

Did you know that climate change has caused an increase in contaminants in our water supplies? Humans have been using up earth’s resources more than they’ve been looking after them, and now we’re all feeling the effects of it. One of our most basic needs – water – is no longer pure enough for us to drink straight from its natural source. Now, we need to filter it multiple times before drinking it to not fall ill. However, there is only so much the authorities in our countries can do to provide us with clean and safe water. 

This HomePure combo is an advanced water filtration solution for water sources with fine sediments as small as 1 micron that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can rest assured that your HomePure 9-Stage Cartridge is free of early clogging problems, and its lifespan is optimised to either 5,000 litres or 12 months, whichever comes first. 
  • HomePure Power Duo Set-1: HomePure Nova Water Filtration System + HomePure Prefilter 1-mc
  • Recommended countries: most of the countries in MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

HomePure Power Duo Set-2

Has your hair ever felt rough or brittle right after a shower? Or drank water that tastes powdery?

If you have experienced any of the above, then your water supply might be overflowing with dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This type of water is known as hard water. While these minerals are good for you, an excess of such minerals may have adverse effects on your life. Hard water not only clogs your pores but also tends to cause build up in your water appliances and filtration systems as well.

With this HomePure Power Duo Set-2 combo, you can rest easy knowing that the water that reaches your fingertips has been turned into soft water by HomePure NovaSoft, using salt-free, resin-based technology developed in Europe. 

The HomePure NovaSoft effectively reduces hardness in your water source before streaming it into the HomePure Nova, converting your tap water into safe and nourishing Pi-Water.
  • HomePure Power Duo Set-2: HomePure Nova Water Filtration System + HomePure NovaSoft Starter Set
  • Recommended countries: Most of the countries in Europe and Turkey.