QVI Club Short Break Package

QVI Club Short Break Package

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights accommodation at any QVI Club Home Resorts, Limited Collection Resorts or selected XchangeWorld resorts with split week availability (for list of participating resorts, visit http://www.xchangeworld.com/xplore_splitweeks.html)
  • Maximum occupancy for 2 to 4 persons
  • Travel validity of 2 years from date of purchase

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservation is subject to availability on first-come-first-served basis
  • Package does not include breakfast
  • Booking of 45 days prior to required travel date must be made to customercare@vanamala-india.com; customercare@qviclub.com or call +91 22 2640 5850; +91 22 2640 6117. And the India toll-free number is 000 800 600 1144 or 000 800 100 7022 (quoting Short Break Package)
  • Xchange Fee of INR 3,950 (split week) applicable
  • No usage fee
  • No cancellation allowed for confirmed reservations
  • Guest Certificate fee of INR 2,530 is applicable if accommodation is assigned to a person/s other than the registered buyer
  • Non-refundable and not valid during peak seasons or major holidays
  • Resort listing is subject to change, and at QVI Club’s discretion

Prana Resorts & Spa – Koh Samui, Thailand (using QVI Club Platinum Vacation Club Membership)

“Our experience at Prana was very good. In fact I want to compliment the QVI team for the reason that we could feel the same experience as we landed as shown in the QVI presentation. The place was very nice and comfortable and also very clean. The best part was the staff who were running the place. We had a great experience at the SPA which helped us de-stress. I have never seen such nice, humble and ever willing people and they really took care of us including the littlest details.

Another very touching incident was when it was really late and our parents have not returned to the resort and we were all worried. We spoke to the hotel staff to ask for help from the local police. Immediately the hotel manager Mr Bruce Keats and Ms Khun Khag stepped in and contacted them. Luckily our parents returned in time but the whole incident still remained vivid in our minds as we all were worried and the quick action taken by the most senior person at the resort was very touching. This really showed the caring attitude of the staff at Prana and this made my trip so much more memorable. It is the small things in life which gets remembered for a long time!!” - Binod Panda , India

Spending quality family time in Prana Mr Panda with his wife and daughter By the pool deck with his son

EV Turkbuku – Bodrum, Turkey (using QVI Club XchangeWorld Xplore II package)

“We want to express our immense gratitude to QVI Club and the staff of EV Turkbuku for such a remarkable and unforgettable holiday. My family and I have visited many corners of the world. But before this, we have not seen such a good hotel and service anywhere else. Luxurious rooms, with separate pools and a fantastic beach, its cleanliness and comfortable amenities, have left the best impressions on us. EV Turkbuku is great for a family vacation, and for partying. Thanks to the DJs and dancers for a great time! We also would like to mention that the hotel offers a charming view of the sea and the surrounding area. It is our pleasure to recommend that place to our friends and relatives. Thanks QVI Club.” - Sergey Vasilyev, Russia

Swimming pool at EV Turkbuku With the beautiful sea as a backdrop Mr Vasilyev soaking up the sun in

Ngwenya Lodge – South Africa (using QVI Club Gold Vacation Club Membership)

“I thought I would share my recent experience at the fabulous resort Ngwenya Lodge where my family and I stayed (two adults and two children; although it could easily sleep six). The resort is 9kms from the Kruger Park Gate in South Africa, home to various wild life and of course the Big Five.
You have all the kitchenware in the lodge and all you need is to stock up from a supermarket... you can have a barbecue out on your own backyard with a beautiful lake view. The kids enjoyed the games around the lodge. I enjoyed the Park and drove in myself to see the Big Five, quite an adventure. For US$249 which is the exchange and usage fee for 7 nights, this place was awesome and much better than a hotel. A standard room night at this lodge is US$150 so it’s definitely worth the deal on the vacation club membership.

I am quite happy with my stay except for some cranky air-conditioning which looked quite old and needed replacement, and the absence of a phone in the room which I found quite strange.

I booked this a month in advance and the customer service at QVI was very good and prompt. They even called me when my preferred dates were not available. I am very happy to have taken the vacation club membership.” - Valentine Dsilva, United Arab Emirates

Living room in Ngwenya Lodge Mr Dsilva and family in South Africa Giraffe spotted at the Kruger Park



What are split weeks?

Split weeks are popular with members who prefer shorter holidays as this gives the consumer the option to split the use into two separate visits to a resort; such as a three-night stay and a four-night stay at different times of the year. A weekend split week is from Saturday to Tuesday (3-night stay) and a weekday split week is from Tuesday to Saturday (4-night stay). Reservations are usually granted on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability. For resorts offering split weeks, please refer to http://www.xchangeworld.com/xplore_splitweeks.html.

What are the differences between Vacation Club Membership & Q-breaks Packages?

QVI Club Membership is also known as Full Membership. Currently, there is a choice of Diamond, Platinum and Gold membership within the QVI Vacation Club. These are valid for 30 years. For Diamond, the member is entitled to two weeks every year; Platinum is one week per year and as for Gold, it is one week every two years. There is also the Silver membership, which is valid for 10 years with six weeks vacation to be utilised every alternate year, and the Bronze membership, valid for 5 years and with three weeks vacation for every alternate year.

Q-breaks Packages are mostly one-time vacation packages, with new ones being created and offered from time to time

What are QVI Home Resorts? Where are the QVI Home Resorts located?

QVI Home Resorts are apartments, hotels or resorts that QVI owns and or possesses the right to use.

What is the Usage Fee?

The Usage Fee is a yearly fee payable by the member for the maintenance / repairs of QVI Club Home Resorts. The Usage Fee is payable within the year of entitlement, and to be paid before making a reservation, or to bank in the week for 2 more years.

To bank in a week is to pay for the week in the year of entitlement, if you do not wish to use it in the same year, but wish to save it for future use. Sometimes the term ‘to deposit a week’ is used – it means the same thing.

When do I pay the Usage Fee? How can I carry over my holiday week?

If the member does not utilise the holiday week/s for the year, but wishes to bank in the week/s for future use, the Usage Fee is payable by 31 December of that year, so as not to forfeit the week/s. However, if the member does not intend to use his/her week/s for that year, or does not intend to bank in the week/s, the member does not need to pay the Usage Fee.  The entitlement week/s for that particular year will then be forfeited.

The extension of the validity of the banked in week starts from the date of purchase of the membership, and not from the date when the week is banked in. The activation date is the date from which you can start using your week to make a holiday booking.

Example: If the membership is purchased on 22 April 2011, the first year of the holiday entitlement starts from 22 April 2011, and is valid until 31 December 2011. If no Usage Fee is paid during that time, the holiday entitlement is considered unused or unbanked, and will be forfeited after 31 Dec 2011 if the Usage Fee is not paid by then.

The holiday week for 2011 is considered activated only when the Usage Fee is paid, but the validity period will be 2 years from the purchase date, and not the activation date. For example, if you purchase a membership on 22 April 2011, but only pay the Usage Fee on 12 Dec 2011, then the 2-year validity starts from 22 April 2011 and lasts till 21 April 2013.  

Usage Fee is charged per week per unit per year and subject to change from time to time.

Can QVI Club apply for Visas on our behalf?

QVI Club cannot assist in applying for travel visas; members will have to approach the relevant embassies or consulates themselves to obtain necessary visas and documents. Please note that travel arrangements and relevant expenses such as visas, flights, ground transportation, etc, shall be the member’s responsibility, and that room availability cannot be guaranteed at any desired time.

How do I make a booking at Home Resorts?

To expedite a booking, the following information needs to be submitted by phone, fax or email to QVI's Customer Care:

  • Choice of Resort (3 choices)
  • Preferred travel dates
  • Payment Details (if applicable)

Whenever possible, we recommend a phone communication for speed and efficiency. Simply contact our Customer Experience Ambassadors at +91 22 6139 9500 (India office) or +603 7949 8288 (International Call Centre)

How many days in advance can I make my bookings?

At least 45 days prior to travel date. We encourage our members to book even earlier if possible to higher chance of securing their preferred travel dates.

What is Cancellation Policy?

Vacation Club Memberships

For QVI Club Home Resort booking:

Member may cancel a confirmed reservation and request for another use period by giving notice to QVI at least 31 days before check-in date.

If cancellation takes place 30 days or less prior the check-in date, a cancellation fee of not less than INR2,800 will be applicable.

For XchangeWorld Resort booking:

For cancellation 60 days and more prior to check-in date, INR2,190 will be deducted from the Xchange Fee and your week will be saved for future use up to the expiry date of usage week entitlement.

For cancellation 59 days to 30 days prior to check-in date, INR2,750 will be deducted from the Xchange Fee and your week will be saved for future use up to the expiry date of usage week entitlement.

For cancellations done within 29 days till the date of check-in, Xchange fee and week deposited will be forfeited.

I understand that the accommodation is for 2 to 4 persons. May I know the unit configuration?

All bookings or units are subject to availability depending on the resort. Most properties offer units that can accommodate up to 2 persons. The most common unit configurations are:

  • Hotel Unit – The maximum occupancy is for 2 persons, with privacy for 2 persons
  • Studio Unit -  The maximum occupancy is for 2 persons, with privacy for 2 persons
  • 1-Bedroom Unit – The maximum occupancy is for 4 persons, with privacy for 2 persons

I understand that I need a Guest Certificate if I am personally not going for the holiday or if my family or friends are using my package without me. How much is the Guest Certificate Fee? How do I pay?

Currently, the Guest Certificate Fee is INR3,200. You need to pay the Guest Certificate Fee upon the booking request. Credit card or e-card payments are accepted.

Can I bring guests along?

Guests are allowed so long as the provided number does not exceed the resort's maximum limit per unit.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed.

How can I transfer my club membership rights to someone else?

Members must get the written consent of QVI Club to transfer their membership rights. A fee of INR4,210 each is payable by the transferer and the transferee for the transfer, for a total payment of INR8,420. Upon the registration of such a transfer, the transferee shall receive a new QVI Club Membership Kit, comprising a QVI ID card and details of the membership purchased. The transferee shall be bound by the Agreement and the Rules stated therein upon the registration of such transfer. Notwithstanding QVI Club’s consent to a transfer, QVI Club will not register any transfer of the membership rights until all outstanding payments due to QVI Club are settled by the transferring member.

Members’ Fee Guide 

Usage Fee INR12,600 All Home Resort, Limited Collection, XchangeWorld and Exclusive Boutique Collection bookings (for 1 week or 7 nights' stay)
Xchange Fee INR7,500 XchangeWorld bookings (for 1 week or 7 nights' stay)
Split Week Xchange Fee INR5,000 XchangeWorld split week* bookings (for 3 or 4 nights' stay)
Exclusive Boutique Collection Premium Xchange Fee Starting from INR7,250 Exclusive Boutique Collection bookings (for a 4 day / 3 night stay)
Guest Certificate Fee INR3,200 To share your membership benefits with family and friends

*Valid at selected resorts only.


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