Introduction to eCommerce

Business models across the world continue to change drastically with the emerging of eCommerce. Nowadays, eCommerce has become an important business tool for businesses worldwide. The world is heading towards the future and much more connected. Make sure you jump on the wagon and don’t get left behind. Be the leader in change, not the follower!

Utilise the Internet to maximise your business! Introduce you to the electronic marketplace and the rapidly developing field of eCommerce,  the Swiss eLearning Institute’s Introduction to eCommerce course  allows you to understand the basics that are needed to develop you skills to build successful internet business of online marketing. This course is designed to familiarise individuals with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies and then guide you through the various techniques. This helps you capture the appropriate responses from your target market such as email marketing, capitalising on the marketing phenomenon of social media, and online marketing solutions. Learn the tips and tricks that will push your business to another level!  

Topics Covered:

  • Online marketing basics
  • Online advertising and promotion
  • Online public relations
  • Enhancing your business through social media
  •  Identifying and capturing online target markets
  • RSS feeds, email marketing, auto responders


The adage ‘time is money’ is truer than ever in our modern world. With a fast-paced lifestyle being a hallmark of busy people these days, there is precious little time left to fit in the things we would like to do, like up-skilling and the enhancement of personal knowledge. To make matters worse, traditional classroom courses require you to not only go to class at a fixed time and place, there is also the need to consider travelling times too.
But what if there was a way to boost your potential and take part in interesting, well-developed courses without wasting time? What if you could study from the comfort of your own home with a schedule convenient for you? Online learning, or ‘eLearning’, brings you just that – and Swiss eLearning Institute courses are the perfect solution.

With flexible, online learning programmes for busy people just like you, our  online courses are the perfect solution for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead of the competition. Swiss eLearning Institute courses utilise the power of an online platform to immerse you in an educational environment, providing the necessary resources and tools to make your learning experience a great one.

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3. After you have activated your course, you must complete it within a twelve (12) month term.

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