Motorsport Management

Are you one of the millions who get hyped up just by watching the exciting action of GP2 or F1 racing? And do you want to know the insides of the sport – everything from garage, racing teams, racing tracks to sport marketing and management? The Swiss eLearning Institute’s A Case Study on Motorsport Management course is your first step to the fast track. 

Combining strategic contacts in the sport with an inclusive course layout, A Case Study on Motorsport Management course provides a comprehensive look into the single most technical sport in the world.
Motorsport, just like any other business, involves a high-level of personnel and brand management, technological implementation, marketing, team building and organisation. Real-life case studies from motorsport teams are analysed and discussed in-depth within the course framework to ensure an extensive as well as an enjoyable curriculum.
Topics covered: 
Real case studies of motorsport management
Structure of motorsport teams
Effective leadership and management
Sports marketing
Embracing Change
Did you know?
It only takes approximately 5 seconds for the pit stop crew to reboot and refuel!
Brake discs can exceed temperatures of 1,000°C!
During a Grand Prix, drivers’ heart rates can reach up to 190 beats per minute! 
During peak lateral in turns, drivers are subjected to about 5 g-forces while astronauts are subjected to about 3 g-forces upon each rocket launch!

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